Plus size lingerie design

plus size lingerie design of the suit, with emphasis on the chest and waist line, so should be worn a bundle of clothes or high side ribs corset long pants. One USES the beam of the draping on the pants to the waist, abdomen, thighs and hips redundant proud flesh has tightened Plus size lingerie modifying function. Wearing pants or beam body dress can make the curve of exquisite, reveal female beautiful posture, make the wearer to prepare for a self-confidence, more show elegant demeanor. The choice Plus size lingerie is door knowledge, different coat requires corresponding underwear, and the role of fixed size underwear really have a second these effect. Believe that as long as you get the hang of match line to underwear and coat, beautiful shape


Lingerie more shape breasts

Lingerie more  shape breasts. Wear jeans, match line to best quality of a material soft and comfortable lingerie, beam and do not wear pants, but if really thigh was too thick, you can choose long beams of light pressure foot type of pants. 5, match line to sportswear
To exercise greater movement, sportswear is all about comfort and mobility, underwear. Choose Cheap lingerie jersey material is soft and elastic underwear, then even strenuous exercise is not a problem. Special movement in chest
The design of cross straps can prevent aglet slide excessive swing, makes the wearer move freely, the most suitable for strenuous exercise. Other sports will be sweating a lot, so the choice of underwear should have bail hygroscopic and sweat. 6, match line to professional attire

Lingerie height enough

Lingerie  height enough, can consider to choose to have the design of cushion. Note cheongsam is high vents, inside leg should avoid flat foot type, type selects high hip. If plump, cannot choose too tight style, because the hip briefs traces eyesore. Wear the Chinese dress without a bra, or wear a garter half stockings, is the big fear of wearing cheongsam, few people can withstand the test. 4, match line to a T-shirt and jeans
Wearing t-shirts or knitting clothing, breasts lines will be particularly obvious, therefore, create a natural bosom line is particularly important. Seamless brassiere or full cup of simple design is most appropriate. Can not only prevent the bust line is shown in a T-shirt, can also creates